At Children's Village of Orchards we provide care for ages 1-12. Each age group has their own material they work on that is age appropriate.

1 year old - 2 years old (Snuggle Bunnies) During the first years our teachers are dedicated to helping your child learn and explore the growing world around them. We offer a nurturing environment designed specifically for those 1-2 years old. During that first year your child will work on language development, music appreciation, sensory development and many other activities.

2 years old - 3 years old (Tiger Cubs)

When your child is a Tiger Cub our teachers strive to keep your busy 2-3 year old engaged and learning in a safe environment. While a Tiger Cub your child will work on continuing language development, sensory play, art appreciation as well as many other activities. Along with that our teachers partner with you and aide in the potty training process.


3 years old - 4 years old (Fuzzy Ducks)

As a Fuzzy Duck your child will continue to grow and develop in a fun and safe environment. During this time your child will start swimming lessons, participate in a daily circle time, learning centers, as well as art and cooking time. Your child will also begin to learn self-help skills, such as putting on their socks and shoes, zipping up their coat and many other skills. They will continue to reach age appropriate milestones and grow in their learning and fun.


4 years old - 5 years old (Bouncy Bears)

During the 4-5 years your child will start to become prepared for Kindergarten. Our Bouncy Bear teachers make every effort to help your child learn with the feeling of fun and freedom. Your child will be involved in story time, calendar activities, music appreciation as well as beginning to understand the basics of math, writing, reading and science.


Kindergarten Readiness - Kindergarten (Kangaroos)

As a Kangaroo our teachers will continue to help your child prepare for Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten readiness program is filled with learning enrichment and exploration. During this time our teachers use shared, guided and independent activities in all content areas to enhance learning. As a Kangaroo your child will be presented with multiple opportunities and experiences to help them reach age appropriate milestones.

  1st Grade - 5th Grade (Panthers)

Our school age program is designed with your child in mind. Every day we transport to and from various Battle Ground, Evergreen Schools and Vancouver Schools. Our before and after school program is designed with your child in mind. We offer different activities such as, language arts, snacks, crafts, dramatic play, sensory play and board games. We will also offer time for your child to participate in large motor play, such as tumbling, skates or scooters boards and ball games. There is also an area for homework and quiet reading, as well as activities that go with our weekly themes like science and cooking projects.